What You Can See

All you need do is to act from what you can see is true…

You know better than to run from one scary doubt right into the arms of another.

Practice this lesson in perfecting higher patience in the trying moments of life.

Remember: inner-progress is not measured by what you do with any scary thoughts or feelings, but by how well you understand this new instruction: there is nothing that needs to be done with any dark state except for you to stay awake and watchful.

Whatever wants to frighten you will eventually fade into the nothingness from out of which it came in the first place.

Let the world inside of yourself go by. All you need do is to act from what you can see is true. Then, just like sunlight, victory comes to you.” -Guy Finley

This is one of many quotes from Guy Finley’s article at Let the World Inside of You Go By.

What You Can See

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